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Permanent evolution - Long term vision

Founded in 1959, Transauto achieved tradition and leadership in the Brazilian market as a company specialised on vehicle transportation. Its trucks and trailers are able to carry vehicles including chassis, buses, vans, light, medium and heavy trucks, tractors, machines and farming implements, besides boats and helicopters.
With a large experience and vast knowledge in logistics and vehicles' transportation, Transauto goes beyond highway transportation, because, throughout the years, had developed and used partnerships with other means of transportation such as railroad, maritime/cabotage and airway.
The strategic location of its consolidation centres results in a rapid, safe and efficient distribution of vehicles to all national regions. Transauto's facilities are located near to the most important vehicles manufacturers installed in several states of Brazil.
This optimises Transauto's transportation capacity which reaches the notary mark of 310 thousand vehicles per year.
Apart from the car manufacturers, Transauto has importers, car dealers, car rentals and companies with large fleets and private people as customers.

Transauto - Av. Senador Vergueiro, 4600 Rudge Ramos - ZIPCODE 09604-000 - SBC/SP - Brazil

+55 (11) 2191-3400 - Headquarter +55 (11) 2181-0400 - Opertion
+55 (11) 4366-3400 - Headquarter +55 (11) 4346-9000 - Opertion

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Member nº 899376438