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Highway transportation

Transauto has a diversified fleet for highway vehicle transportation:

Prancha - um eixo

Single-deck trailers (Prancha) - Tractor truck and trailer (one axle) to transport vans and vehicles in general.

Prancha - dois eixo

Single-deck trailers (Prancha) - Tractor truck and trailer (two axles) to transport buses, chassis, trucks, pickups, machines, farming equipment, stacking machines, boats and helicopters.


Double-deck trailers (Cegonheira) - Tractor truck and trailer (one or two axles) to transport vehicles and light commercials with capacity up to 11 units.

Romeu e Julieta

Articulated trailers (Romeu e Julieta) - Tractor truck and trailer to delivery vehicles and light commercials where it is difficult to standard trailers having access, with capacity up to 10 units.


Siders - Tractor truck and trailer especially made for transportation with extra protection and privacy. Covered trailers to transport special vehicles, prototypes, automobile parts and palletised goods with capacity up to 8 vehicles.

Railroad transportation

Transporte Ferroviário

Pioneer in this sort of transportation, Transauto offers its own railroad wagons fleet to vehicles transportation.

We are able to develop tailor-made solutions to operate with highway/railroad distribution of vehicles, auto parts and accessories.

Our strategic located branches, can offer a perfect logistics integration with other means of transportation.

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