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User's Guide

User's Guide

Here you find detailed information to access the network.

Sign up

If your dealer does not have the password to access Transauto's restricted site, which offers all the information on vehicles in transit, please contact us to have it without cost..

Remembering your password

In case of the user forgets his access password, just ask us through e-mail and we will send it.

DN Code and password

Register number of Dealer provided by the automobile maker. Password provided by Transauto.

After doing the login you can start your tour choosing one of the options below:

Information on Vehicles in Transit

Information on vehicles delivered by the automobile maker to Transauto for transportation, as: chassis number, model, colour, factory order number, number and date of invoice, arrival date, CTRC number, shipping date, fleet number, forecast delivery date etc.

Information on Vehicles Delivered

The dealer can insert the invoice number to have a fast updating of the vehicles list, excluding the vehicles already delivered even before the forwarder has returned to the base.

Register Information

Updating of dealer register is possible through sending new data by e-mail.

Financial Information

Updated information on pending invoices issued by Transauto to the dealer as: invoice number, issue date, due date and invoice value (R$).

Damage Notice

The damages verified and written in the back of the CTRC can be informed through e-mail making the process of insurance faster.

Customer Complain Register

The best and fastest way to send a complain to the person who can solve the problem.

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